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Welcome Back NFL, We Missed You

Although, this play didn’t win the SuperBowl last season, it did set the Seattle Seahawks into hyperdrive to clinch their first ever Lombardi Trophy. It was a season filled with surprises and superstars but like only the NFL can, it made us tune in to see what else was next. Well, come Thursday, it all starts again. Welcome back NFL, we missed you.

The defending champ, Seahawks, are hosting the Green Bay Packers. There have been a few memorable matchups between these two teams, none really more memorable than the touchterception call by the replacement refs that forced the NFL to ante up and pay their normal referees to come back.

Hopefully nothing that awful occurs this year. There will however, be some big names to watch once we kickoff at Centurylink Field on Thursday. Is Peyton Manning still in the driver’s seat to get his Broncos back to the SuperBowl? Or is the sun setting on the future Hall of Famer? An obvious question, will the Seahawks repeat with their stellar team that absolutely demolished the Broncos last year? Tough to say.

I personally am excited to see a few stars own it this year:

Adrian Peterson – I just want this guy to crush the rushing record so bad. He is a phenomenal athlete and he makes that position look easy. He enjoys hitting people to prove his point and an overall nice guy. Good luck AP.

Percy Harvin – AP’s former teammate is going to get a full season to play in the Seahawks offense and it personally gets me a bit too excited. He has amazing speed, hybrid receiver/running back abilities and he’s big too! If anything happens to Lynch this year, I doubt anyone will worry with Harvin and Christine Michael holding down the backfield.

Jimmy Graham – Jimmy got paid. Jimmy’s gotta step up his game even more. Jimmy wants to be paid like a wideout? Put up a 2k season. That will get you that kind of money. Jimmy thinks he just called out Jimmy Graham. Bad idea.

Johnny Manziel – This man probably will only have one rival this year for hype and HE was drafted first overall. Johnny Football is a lifestyle it seems. He can party, he can be named the backup but all in all, JF will be a star in the NFL. He has everything to make him a star and he may just take Cleveland further than they ever have been. Josh Gordon gone? Who cares. Manziel will more than make up for it with his read option ability and his wealth of targets.

Jadeveon Clowney – Finally this guy. He is a monster. He is a wildebeest with a smile. Houston made a great pick with Clowney to join forces with JJ Watt. Offenses will have nightmares when they have to face these two. I would prefer to never even face these guys let alone tell you what type of grass is used once they bury my face in the ground. Check this clip:

Jacked up yet? There’s only one other thing that makes football even better: Fantasy Football. Yes it’s “fake football” time and everyone is geeked up. Hopefully both of my teams go all the way and life will be complete. Its entirely possible.

I have also put my hat in the ring for a chance to become part of NFL Canada‘s digital street team. It would truly be an honor to be officially associated with the NFL. I’ll let you know if it happens. In fact, I am sure you’ll hear a lot about it if I do.

So, get your popcorn ready, put on your favorite Brett Favre jersey (he played for a few teams) and plunk down on that old leather chair and get ready for the best NFL season ever.

One last thing.

You’re welcome.

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NFL Canada’s “Digital Street Team” SIGN..ME…UP

After the Seahawks aaaaabsolutely CRUSHED the Broncos at SuperBowl XLVIII, there was a large void in many fans lives. What would we do until the draft? Do they still serve wings after football season? SHOOT! It’s February, I forgot to buy Christmas presents. These are all things that I am sure are quite common once they award the Lombardi trophy.

Now that the NFL is back, preseason is well underway and with that comes all the fun stuff that surrounds the game. In NFL Canada’s case, they have come up with their very own “Digital Street Team”. These brave individuals, when chosen, will help spread the the awesomeness that is the NFL across Canada via Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Etc.

You’re probably thinking, is there a fee for this? No, but I’m glad you asked. Will a salesperson visit my home? Nope, it’s free. You can follow as much or as little as you like. If you are over the age of 18 you are already pre approved! How bout that? The NFL is by far the best marketed league in sports and every year they continue to prove why.

The NFL is so popular now, when people hear thanksgiving, they forget that turkey is still part of the celebration. Football has changed the landscape of how other sports market their leagues. When you have a multi billion dollar empire, you must be doing a few things right.

#WannabeDST is the new #icebucketchallenge. It’s what you get your hair cut for. You want your new girlfriend’s parents to know you are an ambassador of the N….F….L. How much better does it get than that?

I will be creating a campaign to earn my spot on this prestigious roster and take my place among royalty. Watch out NFL Canada, you won’t know what hit’cha. See that pic at the top? That’s Cameron Wake. Biggest CFL -> NFL contract ever! Sacked Tom Brady on MNF and an absolute beast on the field. HE is NFL Canada at it’s finest. That’s what I will be bringing you as a DST member. SUIT UP!!

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