JARKKO POLO: Canucks All Star Week of Jan 19/15

When the Canucks started last week, things were rolling. Ryan Miller was sitting on back to back road shutouts on back to back nights, goals were being scored and hey, they got to play Roberto Luongo and the Panthers again. The week started on a promising note but a major injury to a core player put the Nucks in a bind. Here’s Jarkko Polo and the week that was ALL STAR WEEK!!!

Gotta love it!

A bit of a jab to the old Canucks management of 2014, Luongo helped start the week on a funny note. What a way to prep for the All star break, a Florida roady. Ryan Miller continued his torrid pace of not letting in goals and was oh so close to doing what Luongo did a handful of seasons ago, back to back to back shutouts. The Canucks got goals from Radim Vrbata and rookie Bo Horvat. With a few minutes left, Miller finally let one in and the streak was over, Canucks won 2-1 and all was good.

On to Tampa to face the white hot Lightning. Tampa has some good players; there is that Stamkos guy, Victor Hedman, the ageless ever injured Sami Salo, Jonathan Drouin and Valtteri Filppula. Once again, Ryan Miller was the reason the game even went the way it did. Sure, Vancouver lost 4-1 but Ryan Miller is really finding his game for the Canucks. His confidence seems to have caught up with him and he is one shutout away from tying his career high of 6, yup really! Expect that number to fall sometime in February.

Even though the week was a 50/50 split, Kevin Bieksa took a slapper to the hand from Hedman and wouldn’t you know it, broke his freakin hand. So Juice is out 6-8 weeks and even though he’s injured, the trade deadline may claim Bieksa as a victim. This man just can’t stay healthy long enough, oddly enough, when he IS healthy, we wish he looked it.

The regular season for the Canucks took a break for All Star Weekend in the ‘Bus but not for the lone Nucks participant Radim Vrbata. It seems we talk about this guy a lot and for good reason too! He has been as advertised from the second Jim Benning signed him and has fit seamlessly with the Twins. The way things went last year with Henrik and Daniel, they were constantly being tweaked with an allen key……..I trust you got that.

So Vrby gets to play with a bunch of stars and enjoy a weekend where no one is relying on him to score a big goal, but he did anyways. Vrbata started his week burning Luongo on a one timer and ended his week with a sick breakaway to open the scoring at the ASG.

Choke on that Lu! Well, don’t really, we like you still.

So Vrbata and Team Foligno lost but all in all, they kept their top scorer fresh and going into Vancouver’s first game back, which happens to be Anaheim KESLER ALERT!!!!, the scoring will need to be on point.


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In an effort to do something to establish Always90four as a more consistent and relevant piece, I have added two new feature posts, one today called “Jarkko Polo“. This feature will focus on the past week of Canucks hockey in a quick, fun and almost ridiculous fashion. If anything, I am dumbing down my own dumb downness, if that’s possible. So hopefully you enjoy what I have to offer and please continue to read the other stuff.

I don’t get paid to do this, so kind words are valuable currency.

Well, last week the Canucks only played 3 games, THANK GOODNESS!!! They didn’t exactly fair well and I bet they are happy last week is done. Vancouver had what looked like a nice little homestand against the Islanders, Panthers (LU ALERT) and the once lowly Calgary Flames.

The Islanders were first up and Eddie Machete got the start. We all remember last year when the fishermen exploded for 7 taters in the 3rd period to wax the Canucks. The result was different this time. Vancouver would prevail 3-2 with goals from the obvious Nick Bonino….yup he got one again, It’s been awhile hey bones? Ryan Stanton got his first goal since basically the last episode of The Sopranos aired and the man of a million puns, Linden Vey, scored a beauty of a breakaVEY goal.

On to the game of the week, the one many had circled on their calendars across British Columbia and well….Roberto Luongo’s house in Florida. The Panthers came back to show off their up and coming star goalie.The Panthers hadn’t won in Vancouver since the FIRST riot so it was kind of a big deal if they did. In typical Luongo fashion, he stole the show with a 3-1 win. A touching tribute to Lu for his time in Vancouver and on the ice he was nothing short of LUdacris. Still stings when we see him tearing it up in a non hockey market. Welcome home Lu, you are missed. He showed us why we missed him too, he’s on his way to the Vez.

The last game of the week was supposed to be a typical waxing of the Calgary Flames at home on HNIC. Not only did the Canucks NOT score ANY goals, they let a guy who just finished his shift at Denny’s post a shutout on them for the 1-0 decision. Don’t get me wrong, Vancouver was the better team as far as “moral” victories go, but they couldn’t have crowd funded a goal on Saturday night. It’s time for this team to decide who they want to be.

This week has the Canucks in Nashville, Philly and Carolina. If there are more than 3 goals this week, progress has been made. Oh and Dan Hamhuis is coming back.


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