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The NFL Draft, Montreal Canadiens and Lint Rollers

It really is a shame I wasn’t able to see the NFL draft live this year. My cohorts and I had baseball and we won, so that evening I did resort to checking out the twitter machine to find out who got better and who made a regrettable pick. The Houston Texans added freak show athlete Jadeveon Clowney to the already lethal J.J. Watt and believe you me, them Texans will be a force to be reckoned with.

THE #1 pick in 2014 Photo courtesy of

THE #1 pick in 2014
Photo courtesy of

In a surprise move, the Buffalo Bills moved up and took top wide out Sammy Watkins, which pretty much killed any hype I had for him in fantasy football. Ask yourself this: why would you get hyped on the Bills? Thankfully the next best receiver, Mike Evans, went to Tampa and should do just fine in their offense….and mine.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to watch the mind numbing footage of Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football pick after pick waiting to hear his name get called. He was finally called at pick 22 by the Cleveland “you better BELIEVELAND” Browns. A great pick by the Browns and they will be the latest team to add a read option QB to their arsenal. Johnny is an electric player to watch and when you are a true freshman and you lock down the Heisman, you are good.

There was another QB that had to wait awhile to hear his name called, you might have heard of him: Aaron Rodgers. Mr. Rodgers waited for someone to come to his neighbourhood for many a pick until the Green Bay Packers came calling. Last time I checked, that worked out ok for them. Don’t worry Mr. Football, things are going to be ok.

On to hockey; how about those Montreal Canadiens? WOW! Just when you thought the Bruins were going to finish things up, the bleu, blanc and red show up huge in game 6 and post a shutout. The trip to Boston will be an antsy one but game 7’s are the best and heroes are made all the time. Will PK Subban raise his game to the next level and put himself in a new realm? If I was a betting man, I’d say there is a good chance.

The Habs are the only Canadian team even in the playoffs this year so obviously, we are all keeping a closer eye on the action in Quebec. It sure would be nice to see the Cup come home but when it’s all said and done, the new Habs generation is sure cocky. Ya, we get it, they’re good. Move on.

Now I know this is old news and by old news I mean about a week and a half ago but lets revisit a very odd/cool moment in the NBA playoffs. After a Raptors win against the Nets, Canada’s own Drake brought out a lint roller and proceeded to “get…that…dirt off yo shoulder”. Never seen something like that before but Bounce was more than happy to hand them out the next game. Good fit too; clean fans and COMPLETELY RANDOM product placement.

Yup, lint rollers folks Photo courtesy of

Yup, lint rollers folks
Photo courtesy of

I’m beginning to believe Drake IS marketing.

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But Its My Hockey Scores

Having the Canucks out of the playoffs really puts your life into perspective, there is actually life outside of hockey. Thankfully the hockey this spring has been so amazingly awesome it hasn’t mattered the Nucks are out. Multiple OT’s, Patrick Kane’s OH WOW goal and PK Subban; what’s not to like? Oh right, life outside of hockey. Let’s just pretend I wrote that later.

Montreal took at 2-1 series lead Tuesday night over the Bruins and up until this point, zero riots in french town. Now, if the Habs were to let’s say win round 2? OK it would berserk mode. I am also loving the fact that PK Subban is actually a hero now. No more “blame it on PK”. This kid is wicked good and I’m proud to say he’s Canadian like me, but…he is more Canadien…hmmm not sure how I can figure that one out.

If you happen to have seen Mr. Kane’s goal the other day, which was recently, you appreciate a good goal. You also appreciate mullets and do not like that he doesn’t play for your team, unless you like Chicago; in that case you’re dead to me. Here it is if you have been in a cave or you know, you were outside:

Oh, before you see this goal, the main photo is courtesy of OK, now here’s the goal:

Patrick Kane dazzles with awesome backhand goal

Neat right? Ya, I thought so too.

Still pretty bummed Columbus is out, that would have been fun.

So to recap:: ya that’s right two colons::Montreal winning and not rioting, yet. PK Subban is really cool, canadien AND canadian. And finally Patrick Kane is better than pretty much anything you have ever done.