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Canucks And Their Multi Purpose Shower Drain

We’ve all done it; you’re in the shower and you forgot to go before you wash up for the day. So why not just do what’s natural, pee in the shower. It all goes to the same place and you’re gonna be clean after anyways. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, heck George Costanza’s done it.

In a recent article on, Rick DiPietro talks about the time HE took a leak in the team shower when Bill Guerin became Captain in Long Island. Hard hitting stuff. So I started to think, does Henrik Sedin allow his team to be free in the showers?

Hank’s a classy guy and a real team leader. He has quite a cast of characters in the dressing room and I bet some of them pee in the shower when he’s not looking. Maybe he doesn’t care though? Is it that big a deal? I’ve never been in a pro sports locker room after a game so I have no clue about the shenanigans that may or may not go on.

I just think, if I’m on the team and no one is close, or even in there, am I disappointing the franchise? I’m a fan favourite, how can I go wrong? The Canucks have let a few championships go down the drain as well as years where their playoff hopes were flushed, so its really minor when they literally do it behind closed doors.

However, that new improved spaceship like dressing room does demand a little respect, and  they all wear flip flops in there, I assume, so thats good. Maybe the real question is how many Stanley Cup Champions pee in the shower? What if teams all over the league are doing it and the Canucks are too uptight?

In a interview with Roberto Luongo on CFOX radio in Vancouver, linked here on Pass It To Bulis, Bobby Lu discusses the subject; it seems not every goalie is into the peeing in the shower deal.

What if in some crazy way, and im stretching here, that correlated to a Cup? I say we live and let live, pee and be free!  What if Luongo actually did and he’s covering up? Should we judge him, I mean the guy does use the washroom mid game, I’m sure he has stories.

The Vancouver Canucks are a team of blue collar guys and a lot of them are real hard workers, so give them a break, let em pee. They have enough problems to worry about, like losing to teams with combined win records equalling their own.

I don’t want my Canucks stressed out come April, May and June. You shouldn’t either. But I’m one man.

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Shawn Matthias Is The New Higgins, Time To Go Higgy

Chris Higgins was a great deadline deal for the Canucks and former GM Mike Gillis. His soldier like effort game in and game out made him a fan favorite and a great match for his coaches. He could be put anywhere in the lineup and produce. Well even though he has signed that nice little deal, there are cheaper options already making their mark and it looks like his time could be up. 

Shawn Matthias has a lot of those same characteristics, 4 years younger and producing at a higher clip. Matthias I believe, has also been very impactful to Zack Kassian. While Kass was busy being healthy scratched, he had time to see how the power forward position is played. Driving to the net, playing along the boards and the sweet finishing touch has given Jim Benning an upgrade at the 7th forward. Jannik Hansen has seen plenty of time at that spot and the natural progression is taking place.

Because Kassian is so young, emulating that type of player can only benefit his game and might be the stepping stone he needs to get to the next level of his career. Matthias is a UFA this summer and Benning would be smart to keep him around. Every team needs its stars but they also need a solid bottom six and having Matthias heading up that area is good for business. 

In 2011, when it all seemed to come together, Higgins and Maxim Lapierre were brought in at the deadline. Having those two experienced playoff performers put the Canucks over the top, well until Game 3 anyways. We uh, we lost the Cup after that. With Matthias here, he seems to be filling that role now.

With every game  Bo Horvat plays he climbs up the depth chart;  the emergence of Ronalds Kenins, as well as Kassian’s improvement, Higgins is being out youthed and simply outplayed. His ice time unfortunately doesn’t neccesarily dictate that but having to be paired with Radim Vrbata keeps him safe. 

Eventually Brad Richardson comes back and Linden Vey and Derek Dorsett will flank his wings; Chris Higgins will really need to prove he still holds value in a Canucks jersey. 

The Canucks didn’t need to make any moves this year and the term “stand pat” was used a bunch and if it’s one thing I love, it’s a good catch phrase. It sure says a lot about the future of the team when we still have Virtanen, McCann, Jensen and a good stable of picks. Benning wants to see this team through and didn’t want to jeopardize the future for a quick fix.

Higgins isn’t the only guy that most likely will be moved after this season and if for whatever reason the Nucks miss the spring dance, there is a boatload of talent in the top 15. Don’t be surprised if Bieksa and/or Hansen is moved as well, might be worth a hefty ransom.

Chris Higgins is still a very good player but at 31, and thats not old, his job can be done by a 25 year old. I’ll save the Ryan Miller debate for another day.

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Jarkko POLO: Kenins, Matt Tricks and Kassians

The new look Jarkko Polo is here! Its pretty much the same stuff with less effort, or more effort, not sure. A lot happened last week and without boring you with all the statistics and details and fancy numbers, I’m going to dumb it down so you basically just have to look at a red balloon flying around and that will make you happy.

One week ago, the Canucks were greeted by the Minnesota Wild who didn’t disappoint, as far as what we expected; they snoozed their way to victory and quite frankly I just hate mentioning the Wild. They smell, they have overpaid greedy americans and ya, we’re still bitter about 2003. A week later as I write this, they just really piss me off.

Here is the new rundown:

The Games We Played (notice the fancy use of caps?)

@ Minnesota Wild – Lost 5-3
RECAP – Former Canuck first rounder Jordan Schroeder put one past Ryan Miller and we all swore at our TV’s. It was one we didn’t want to remember but Zack Kassian netted a beauty far side off the wing and it gave us hope for the young Jedi.

@ Chicago Blackhawks – WON 5-4
RECAP – A true playoff type game ended in heroics from the Sedins. Kassian once again put Canucks fans on notice with his gritty net presence and it paid off with a goal ala Todd Bertuzzi. Bo knows put a beauty rebound past Crawford and the Dads trip sure had some fun attached to it. Side note, Marian Hossa ripped a laser after he skated 200 feet and tied the game up late in the 3rd. Great goal, not gonna lie.

Boston Bruins – made them beg for mercy 5-0!!!
RECAP – You really don’t need to know a lot here. The Canucks out played the Bruins for basically the whole game. Shawn Matthias scored 2 early goals and eventually put up his first career hat trick. It was a special night. Jannik Hansen scored an empty net goal, no breakaway needed.

@ Calgary Flames – Lost 3-2 in a nail biter
RECAP – Somehow when the Canucks face random cold goalies, we lose. Not sure how, we just, lose. The Valentines Day tilt was no different. Even with the loss, the Latvian Lunchbucket Ronalds Kenins scored yet again. It was basically the same goal he has scored every time so you know it was awesome.

Four games in one week? It must be the second half of the season. Feels so good to see hockey every other night even if we forgot they played in some of those games.

The Canucks are going through quite the war of attrition lately with huge losses on the blue line to Kevin Bieksa, Alex Edler, Frankie Corrado (yo Franky!), Chris Tanev and Sami Salo. Sorry, force of habit. It’s quickly becoming the Utica Comets in Vancouver. That’s actually not a bad thing considering the Comets are the talk of the league down south.

Surprise efforts from Ronalds Kenins and Adam Clendening as well as the mentioned hat trick from Shawn Matthias, Zack Kassian’s recent surge and goaltending we are actually proud of has given the Canucks a chance to stay in the playoff race.

It won’t be a cake walk for the rest of the year so every game will be the ever famous “biggest game of the season”. That does it for the important stuff, time for the rest.

The twitter game sure is strong during the week, new feature

3 things from twitter:

Hopefully that last part becomes a thing.

See ya next week!


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Ronalds Kenins: Canucks Superstar or Latvian Sniper?

The living legend Ronalds Kenins (pronounced as one person) has had quite a week with the Vancouver Canucks: he’s scored twice, taken a penalty to fit in and is a solid plus 2. He practically has a roster spot sewn up and its February. We have seen these stars come out of the woodworks before with such names as Jeff “The Brabarian” Cowan and Pavel Bure. Kenins (again, one guy) has already created a fan following somewhere as a Canuck but what DON’T we know about him? Who is this Latvian Sniper?

According to, Ronalds is the 15th ranked Latvian NHLer of all time….ALL TIME!!! (Link) How did he climb the ladder so quick? Well sit down and grab a cold one cuz I’m about to shock the world, Seahawks style…too soon?

These were both of #41’s goals, STUD in Nucks clothing. Thanks!

Ronalds Kenins (seriously TWO plural names in one, love it) played for Latvia at the last Winter Olympics in Sochi. He shot out like a bat outta hell in 5 GP for Latvia with 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 points, a PIM and he was on the ice when Latvia scored once. But did he play in the Olympics? You bet your Snepts he did.

Fun fact: Harold Snepts, Latvian descent. #themoreyouknow #notthekatyperrycostume

Kenins has played well down in Utica for the Comets this year in 36 GP, with 5 tallies and 7 helpers. (Link, has been quite a surprise this year and Canucks GM Jim Benning couldn’t keep Ronalds away any longer, he made that call.

The struggles of Zack Kassian lately have been Kenins gain and a spot currently on the 4th line is his to lose. Kassian has been asked to be more physical for obvious reasons, get in the dirty areas and at the end of it all, he just doesn’t. Kenins has a touch to his game that coach Willie likes. He’s physical like another man in this photo.


See the resemblance? Even though he has a baby face and probably blushes when pretty girls ask for his autograph, he might be a nice surprise the Canucks can utilize down the stretch and maybe years to come.

Ronalds Kenins is an intriguing character and it makes me want to add S’s to MY first and last name: Ryans Hanks….sounds awesome! The other bonus of Ronalds Kenins thats wes all loves: he’s a better #41 than Andrew Alberts will ever be. It is yet to be proven if he will overtake Arturs Irbe for most successful Latvian Canuck of all time. Time will tell, time will tell.

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Jarkko POLO: Post All Star BLAH

When you come back from your holidays, usually you’re refreshed and ready to tackle that 9 to 5. The Vancouver Canucks do not subscribe to that theory and proved it this past week. The Canucks welcomed Ryan Kesler back to the librar….er Rogers Arena, Cody Hodgson had his normal seat in the press box while Ryan Miller played his former team and to cap it all off, the ever exciting Minnesota Wild came to the wet coast for Super Sunday. All in all, it was sure a post all star blah kinda week and didn’t really put the Canucks in a better position. Jarkko…..Polo time!

I really wish the Canucks were a better team. If they were a better team, the Ducks wouldn’t seem so scary and by scary, I mean that the Canucks could play 60 minutes without wondering why teams skate by them effortlessly. Ryan Kesler was welcomed back to Vancouver last tuesday and wouldn’t ya know it, the fans don’t like him anymore. SHOCKER!! Kesler got the last laugh on this one as his Ducks waxed the Canucks 4 – buzz. Ryan Miller was quite weak and I saw a small child crying outside because the Canucks hurt his feelings. This team looks like it’s sinking, but how far will they sink?

The Buffalo Sabres made their way to Vancouver for their one stop this year and Ryan Miller was jacked! This was a game the Canucks simply could not lose. If you don’t beat a team that potentially will draft Connor McDavid, you need to really look in the mirror. Thankfully, the start of a big sports weekend started with a big Canucks win. Bo Horvat continued his successful first season with a goal in the first period after Buffalo’s Chris Stewart put the first one behind Miller.

Chris Tanev, Chris Higgins and yes, Zack Kassian were all factors in the win, albeit Kassian wasn’t exactly a world beater. On the positive side, he didn’t cross check anyone into the boards this time. Even though Kassian wasn’t his normal snoozer self, he is part of a team that seems to be snoozing on the ice, so much in fact that they aren’t awake enough to see that 6 guys on the ice is too many…..for the 10th game in a row.

Ok, let’s not drag the Canucks through the mud too much, there are some “moral” victories here. Yep, those moral victories are back. Radim Vrbata is still making his name known on the score sheet and even though Ryan Miller is letting in some of THE SOFTEST goals I’ve ever seen, he is doing enough to get the wins, well, when his team scores. BTW, Cody Hodgson was healthy scratched, if anyone cared.

If you in fact caught the Canucks game on Sunday and you love boring hockey, then boy oh boy did the Canucks have a game for you! It was a noon o clock start time so personally, I forgot. There was a semi-important football game later in the afternoon and I’m not gonna lie, that was my priority, let’s be serious.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Canucks actually looked good in this game, from what I saw. It’s a shame they couldn’t capitalize on their early chances in the first, it could have totally changed that game. Quick note, Willie D kept 5 guys on the ice at all times and didn’t take a meaningless too many men penalty. Ryan Miller again let in some pretty weak goals and his overall talent is once again being questioned. After going down 3-0, Vancouver put it’s first in the net. Wearing Andrew Alberts old 41, Ronalds Kenins put home his first ever goal, from who, BRO HORVAT!! New nickname, check it out.

Just so we’re all clear, Ronalds Kenins is one guy; I checked, don’t worry. Shortly after, Daniel Sedin scored a quick one from Vrby and brother Henrik. Could the Canucks actually come back? No, they didn’t. But they gave us hope. The jury is still out on what this team will achieve this year, but there are little things that give me hope that the long haul next year and the year after will have good results.

The Canucks are currently 8th in the West, 3 behind the Winnipeg Jets who coincidentally play the Canucks next. The Jets went from red hot to deathly cold; maybe the Canucks can kick them while their down.


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