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Willie Watch On High Alert!

The Canucks lost again.

If you didn’t see the date on this post you could read it once a week, heck you could read it in the past and it could even be relevant. Now, I don’t know how you could actually do that because we haven’t figured out reverse time travel, or forward time travel of more than 8 hours at a time (I’m assuming we fall asleep and instantly wake up 8 hours later.) Willie Desjardins is now on Willie Watch 2016 and because I don’t get paid again until mid-month, I can’t trademark it. He’s on the hot seat.

Simply, he may be fired.

How does one process this information? Is this really Willie’s fault? Yes, it is… if the immediate results on the ice are what you’re judging. It’s impossible to believe that Jim Benning calls the roster shots on a game by game basis. Benching Jake Virtanen and Troy Stecher, AT THE SAME TIME? ARE YOU KIDDING?

Those are the kinds of decisions that get you fired. OK, maybe I’m being a little extreme and there have been some significant injuries and maybe a break for the younger guys in the back to backs isn’t a terrible idea. Willie’s deployment of the power play has also been a topic of debate. Putting Philip Larsen on the top unit is kind of a head scratcher when there are a few other guys, namely Bo Horvat, that should be in that spot.

As the losses mount, both last season and this season, the “vote of confidence” is only good for so long. If you keep losing, something has to give and axing the coach is usually the easiest.

Is he a bad coach though? I don’t think so. He has a different way of doing things but he’s not terrible. The guy giving him the players is the one causing all the REAL problems.

It won’t be long before the pitchforks have been put away after Willie’s time is done, but brought RIGHT BACK when Benning Brexit 2017 get’s going. There are so many bad decisions that have been made up until now and the clock is ticking for Willie D.

From the goaltending dilemma of not starting the hot hand last year to limiting the Sedin’s ice time when it was clear, they were the only ones doing anything last season, there have been a number of things that have started the debate. Even if Willie is let go, who takes over? You can’t bring up Travis Green to inherit this mess.

I suppose Doug Lidster and Doug Jarvis (there’s a sitcom there I think) could run the course until April or maybe Marc Crawford is given another chance here. This isn’t exactly a favorable situation to walk into so whoever does eventually get this job will have to have an ironclad plan and follow it through.

Thankfully, there will probably be a new GM to work with too!

When Alain Vigneault was canned, these talks started to heat up right before and then there was John Tortorella. Until this team figures out exactly what it wants to do, firing the coach, firing the GM or even selling the team will just be steps towards an answer.

Willie Watch has started but will it even last? Is he even going anywhere?

These questions will be answered soon. Possibly by the end of the week. Well, unless they start winning. Then it’s just delaying the inevitable, kind of like missing out on Auston Matthews last year. Losing might lead to that first pick but is Nolan Patrick really worth the hardships they’ve endured? I doubt it but it wouldn’t hurt.

I suppose it could be worse, we could be stuck with Hillary or Donald.

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