Outdoor hockey in California a success


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Hockey….outside….LA? Yup. The NHL has hit a homerun hosting outdoor games in what now seems like any city they want. The Kings and Ducks played to an ecstatic crowd at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night. The Ducks prevailed but on that night, hockey won and so did its fans.

Cant wait to see more

You thought FACEBOOK was cool?

You thought FACEBOOK was cool?

Ok. So im blogging somewhere new. Feels weird. But like this picture, I am extatic! Now that the birth of this bad boy has come and gone, already? Yup. Its time to usher in the meat and potatoes of this thing. Over the next lifetime or so I will be getting you informed as much as possible. About what you ask? Well unlike a political campaign, you’ll know exactly where I stand and I don’t make you guess.